Introduction to Weaving

Instructor - Lucy Jennings
I grew up sewing, and I loved the feel of cloth in my hands. That's what drew me to weaving, getting to work with yarn and understanding how it all goes into making textiles.
When I got to college I was intrigued by the weaving courses, and that was that!
I've been weaving ever since - over forty years. And I was a teacher all those years, too -every group of students I had learned to weave.
My favorite is bringing my weaving world to beginners like you.
MA Art Education - Weaving


Learn at your own pace. When you purchase the course there are no time limits. 

You need a simple lap loom.

I sell looms in my shop, and will feature them in my lessons, but If you already have a loom - that's great, I'll show you how to use different kinds of lap looms or tapestry looms.

You can always contact me - I'm happy to answer your questions.

You'll have three days to decide if this course is for you. If it's not your thing, I will give a full refund.

Perfect for beginners!

Learn at your own pace.

Easy to follow lessons.