Weaving With Fabric

Course Summary

 Use up your fabric stash and weave a work of art!

Do you have a stash to contend with? How about that old shirt you can't get yourself to throw into the rag bag? Weaving with Fabric is a series of easy courses that show you how to turn your fabric scraps and favorite old clothes into handwoven works of art.

What you'll learn:
How to...
• Make a little loom from a book
• Prepare fabric for weaving
• Embellish with buttons and beads
• Put it inside a frame
• Sew it onto a jar - up-cycling goodness!  

What you'll need:
• A little loom, I'll show you how to make one from a book  
• Fabric, old clothes to up-cycle
• Yarn, any smooth, strong yarn will do - I'll give you advice and resources  
• Tapestry needles, scissors  

When does the class start?
• You can start as soon as you purchase the class.  Go through the lessons on your own time, work at your own pace. The course will be yours to keep.

Don't have a Loom?
No problem.
I show you how to DIY your loom from a book - so you can get started weaving right away.

 And if you have a loom, that's great too! All of the projects can be woven on any loom.

Four Courses in One!

Course Curriculum


I'm Lucy Jennings - I help people gain confidence in their weaving skills so they can relax and have fun.

I've been teaching for over 30 years and my favorite thing is to see my students fall in love with weaving and proudly share their work with me!
I live in the southwestern desert of the US where I have three dogs and too much yarn.

Weaving should be fun, and I want you to be happy with your course.
Contact me within seven days of purchase for a full refund.